If you’re after advice or unsure if our services are right for you, read through our Questions + Answers below


Why do we need a property stylist?

We work on the function and feel of the space, to give it broader appeal and to attract maximum interest and emotional impact.

Research tells us that professionally styled homes or businesses are much more likely to attract prospective buyers and pay dividends.

  • We take the stress and emotion away and give you guidance, advice and expertise to  enhance the value of your property or project
  • We help clients, some who have lived in a property for decades to get started with  professional and expert advice – we understand sometimes it is hard to let go


What do you do, exactly?

Bon Habitat Property styling is visual merchandising with style.

  • We create more space by de-cluttering, re-configuration of furniture, removal & storage of items
  • We will add value by styling, supplying and adding props which may include soft furnishings,  art, display items, furniture and floral displays
  • We will organise other tradespeople if and when required


Does Bon Habitat do all the work?

Bon Habitat will style the property, source and hire furniture and accessories, and direct the decluttering process. We are happy and willing to work with our clients on the project for as long as needed depending on the budget; or we can also organise suitable contractors depending on the scope of works.


Where do we start?

Bon Habitat will complete an on-site consultation, property inspection, written report and quotation.

The consultation will take 1-2 hours and includes a walk through to establish what needs to be done to enhance the property.


How long will it take?

It depends on the property and scale of project. From one day for a one bedroom apartment to three days for large family homes.


How much will it cost?

Once again it depends on the property and scale of project. We can give you an estimate on enquiry.

The initial consultation is $150 which is redeemable at commencement of the project.


Are you insured?

We have full insurance including public liability.

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